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Every year the number of fires caused by Christmas trees increases in Latin America. Poor-quality lights and the overload of electrical contacts are the main factors that cause a Christmas tree to burn.

Only 23% of households in Latin America have an extinguisher to protect themselves from a fire. Depending on the city, it can take 6 to 10 minutes for firefighters to reach the accident.

What is Christmas Hero?

Christmas Hero is a system made up of tree toppers and ornament balls. They have a sensor that detects the wavelength of the fire light, activates the system and releases the most powerful extinction foam in the world: FireaAde 2000. No training or human intervention is needed.

esfera y estrella christmas hero
esfera christmas hero

Tree ornament (ball)

Each tree ornament (ball) covers a radius of ½ m, attacking the ignition point. It contains a certain amount of FireAde foam; when the sensor detects a specific fire wavelength, it releases the tension in a spring which causes the sprinkling by means of a CO2 cartridge.

Tree-topper (star)

The tree topper (star) covers a radius of 2.5 m, attacking the fire around the tree. It has an electronic system capable of activating a trigger that causes the sprinklement of a 16 oz. extinguisher agent. It is activated by detecting the specific wavelength of the fire light.

esfera y estrella christmas hero
niño esfera christmas hero

Let’s change Christmas

For now, Christmas Hero is a prototype that has a mechanical component that allows the sprinkler system to work and an electronic optical detector that, when activated, allows the system to function in its entirety.