Yes and no. Although FireAde 2000 is classified as an AFFF additive and meets all regulations, obtaining the highest marks, it is really an innovative product generation technology. FireAde 2000 represents the technological evolution of the traditional AFFF system, which is based on fluorine-containing contaminants and acts primarily by suffocation

You can use the usual procedure. However, there are alternative techniques and procedures, which are able to further improve product performance. Our task is to educate our clients in case they are interested in optimizing the use of FireAde 2000 In the video section, you can see how cars, fuel, etc. are extinguished, in a very fast and effectively way.

Legislation is becoming more restrictive with the use of fluoride. Therefore, the AFFF fluorine-based technology, will disappear quickly from the market, for its very negative effects on the environment and inefficiency with respect to new technologies, working with mixture concentrations up to 30 times higher. Even today's limits, STILL VERY HIGH are nothing more than a possible pre-removal and removal of tolerances of all types, limited to almost 0, the presence of contaminants elements. Also currently, there is no clear procedure tas to what to do with the disposal of non-standard foam AFFF, being also its cost per liter very high, even above the acquisition cost.

No, FireAde 2000 does not contain toxic material is clean. However restrictive the upcoming legislation, FireAde 2000 should easily comply with the strictest environmental laws. This is important, considering the precedents that exist in the market and, possibly, what will come in the future, which can render obsolete many current batches of AFFF, thereby the double cost that represents not only the new purchase, but also waste management.

Yes. FireAde 2000 has been subjected to the most rigorous controls of European laboratories and the USA, obtaining results beyond doubt. FireAde 2000 is clean and is well below the cleanest AFFF foam additives. FireAde 2000, has the "fish-test" with complete success overcoming the impact on aquatic organisms. The biodegradability in just 25 days is almost complete

FireAde 2000 really does not expire even if it remains mixed with water; it has an unlimited shelf life. Because devices application has a warranty for 15 years, FireAde 2000 under normal conditions maintains all its properties intact. Even before packaging and prolonged sun exposure, only the (pink) dye could be affected, but not the properties. In case of frostbite, there is no problem to be reused once defrosted.

Yes, completely. FireAde 2000 is compatible with any equipment.

Yes, FireAde 2000 is compatible with all types of water, maintaining its effectiveness.

Practically yes, with fires Class "C" Fire Extinguisher 2000 is effective with demineralized water. For all other classes, FireAde 2000 is extremely effective.

FireAde 2000 works perfectly with very low application rates, from 0.15%. For tire fires, for example, simply apply a mixture of 0.5%.

FireAde 2000 acts differently as can traditional AFFF foam. See "chemical process" in section FireAde 2000 in this web and watch the video for more information. We have certified official tests, demonstrating the ability of extreme temperature reduction of FireAde 2000.

Yes, completely. From a CAF system, to a Propak. There is no equipment that we know with whom we could not work with FireAde 2000.

Yes. FireAde 2000 produces high, medium and low expansion; the same product for all types of applications.

Yes, FireAde 2000 is an extremely effective moisturizer.

FireAde 2000 is not corrosive, being the pH near neutral. FireAde 2000 leaves no traces after coming into contact with any material. Cleaning with water is enough.

By no being toxic or corrosive, FireAde 2000 cleans up with water very easily. Nor does it generate "foam" simply apply a jet of water after use. Although the bubble, it takes much longer to degrade, it is not necessary to apply any chemicals or perform special actions to clear the stage. For example, in an underground electrical transformer FireAde 2000 is not only for their ability to direct preventive extinction and cooling, the ideal product, but is also very effective for the cleanup resulting simple and inexpensive.

It is the cheapest on the market. 1 Price does not exceed AFFF foams quality, 2 will use a lot less product, 3 will save lots of water, 4 extinguish the fire much earlier and thus save material (and more resources, if a situation occurs multi-risk), 5 will provide greater security to people (it will save lives and prevent risks to the forces of action), 5 does not harm the environment, 6 logistical costs are reduced, (single reference), 7 it will reduced the theoretical and practical training of staff (one product), 8 the duration of the equipment will be much higher (non-corrosive), 9 the costs of the cleanup stage, are extremely reduc

FireAde 2000 quickly eliminates many potentially deadly toxins, which are often present in heavy smoke in contact with the fire (cyanide, etc.). Furthermore, the visibility increases significantly and the nontoxic water vapor generated by FireAde 2000 is cold and does not affect the actuation forces.

Yes, completely, even the material may be neutralized during days (for example the case of the tires). This is very important to avoid risk by spilling flammable liquids, or to carry out preventive treatment in the industry.

es, of course. This is ideal for electrical transformers, nuclear reactors and in general, all that machinery which undergoes a temperature load risk. Furthermore, the product will not affect the material sprayed with, as it is non-corrosive. Applied to liquids, only affects the layer that is in contact with.

Yes. The product is very effective at higher pressure. Currently, we have developed a special fire extinguisher to police and army to allow put out instantly fireworks, people, and barricades, etc. We also have a fire extinguisher that acts without gas and can be carried in airplanes, submarines, etc.

Yes. Tests were performed with heptane obtaining excellent grades.

FireAde 2000 has been subjected to the most rigorous controls of European laboratories and the USA, obtaining results beyond doubt. FireAde 2000 is clean and is well below the cleanest AFFF foam additives. FireAde 2000, has the "fish-test" with complete success overcoming the impact on aquatic organisms. The biodegradability in just 25 days is almost complete.

It's like mixing a good wine with one simple wine table. The resulting mixture will improve some aspects, but we will lose many of the advantages of the product. Therefore, we do not recommend at all a mixture with another product.

FireAde is available in two variants: FireAde 2000 Firefighting agent and FireAde 2000 agent and Climate Control AR. The difference between the two products is that the variant AR is also specialized in alcohol fires. However, it also has a thin viscosity and ability to work equally effectively on other classes.